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My Approach

Based on the clients' needs and preference, apart from dialogue and discussion. We might also incorporate creative means for your coaching sessions. Drama Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy techniques utilised in our coaching sessions refers to an active, experiential approach facilitating self reflection, acceptance and change. Through discussion, embodiment, movement expression, role work, storytelling, projective play, and purposeful improvisation, participants are invited to rehearse desired behaviours, practice being in relationship, expand and find flexibility between life roles, and perform the change they wish to be and see in the world. 

Coaching is a process that helps individuals identify and achieve their goals. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any mental health condition, nor is it intended to replace the services of a licensed therapist or health care professional. 

Disclaimer: Depending  on the clients and the practitioner’s geographic and local legal restrictions, we can  only provide Creative Arts Psychotherapy service in areas where we are legally permitted to do so, i.e. Hong Kong. In areas where we are not legally or ethically allowed to provide psychotherapy, only Creative Arts Therapy Coaching service that focus on the present and setting up goals to achieve desired outcomes will be provided.

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