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What if I have an injury?




So you provides dance/drama classes?

What if I am not creative?

The short answer is, NO. Our therapists pick up the clients' movement repertory and work on the emotional connection with them.

Let your therapist know. Nevertheless, movement can come in many different forms; the beat of the heart, breathe, or even ‘moving in our imagination’ can all be counted as ‘movement’. For clients who have limited mobility, our therapists can adapt the movement to match the needs.  Breath work in itself can be very therapeutic.​

As mentioned before, since our therapists pick up our clients' movement repertory, and movement can happen in many different ways, no matter how subtle it might seem. Besides, our staffs also received traditional counseling training, we can adapt to each individual's needs. Or explore this with your therapist.

What should I wear for session?

Anything that you are comfortable in, you might be moving with your therapist.

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